Become a regular donor

We are grateful to have regular donors supporting our work on a monthly basis. Knowing how much money is coming in and what funds can be relied on is particularly useful when planning ahead. It allows us to plan for long term solutions, work on bigger projects, and gives us some security for any setbacks that may occur.

The amount can be as little as a couple of pounds but over time it’ll lead to a greater impact. Monthly givers often feel that it’s easier to set up a regular gift as it allows them to budget accordingly throughout the year.

What impact you can make

To help you visualise the impact of your contribution, please see below what donations could go towards.

  • £5 – food voucher
  • 10 – a hat, scarf and gloves for a guest
  • £25 – care package of toiletries, towel, food etc for someone first going into accommodation
  • £100 – a night of emergency accommodation

How to set up a monthly donation

There are two ways that you can set up regular donation:

Firstly, you can click on the button below.

Set up monthly donation

Then select ‘monthly’ tab and fill out your details as seen in the screenshot below.

Secondly, you can contact or go into your bank and arrange for a direct debit to be set up which will take a payment of your choosing to be sent every month. Our bank details are:

  • Account name: Light Project Peterborough
  • Sort code: 42-50-42
  • Account number: 00026493