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The Garden House

The Garden House offers information, advice and support to the rough sleepers in Peterborough seven days a week. Our guests can receive much-needed support from housing officers, GPs and nurses, drug and alcohol specialists, mental health teams, chiropodists and physiotherapists, hairdressers and other professionals that run sessions at The Garden House for people sleeping rough in Peterborough.

“Upon arrival, I was greeted with a warm smile and a friendly hello. That was a pleasant experience that shall stay in my mind as a sunny day in the midst of a storm.” A guest at The Garden House (December 2023)

The doors to The Garden House, at the heart of Peterborough city centre opened on 8th October 2018 when it was felt that there was a real need to offer additional support to those we were able to help through the Peterborough Winter Night Shelter. At least one new person sleeping on the streets comes through our doors per day for information, advice, support and love to help them create the future they dreamed of, but in recent months felt was never possible.

In October 2023 we celebrated five years at The Garden House. Watch a special celebration video on Youtube.

We have linked up with service providers in Peterborough including City Council housing officers, GPs, employment agencies, alcohol and drugs support specialists, mental health teams, Police, hairdressers, chiropodists, and arts therapists. These services visit The Garden House on a regular basis to support people sleeping rough in Peterborough that come through our doors. To coordinate and lead all this, our project workers work tirelessly at the Garden House, supported by some amazing volunteers who are kind enough to donate their time.

“Volunteering makes me feel useful and I can share the knowledge I gained in my working career to help those coming into The Garden House. I like chatting to the staff and guests as well as making friends with the other volunteers. It feels like a family here.”
Carol (volunteer)

The Garden House is a project that really changes the lives of those that come through our doors, because people in the darkest of places are given hope and made to feel valued and supported during some of the biggest challenges they will ever face. We need your help to ensure that we can continue running this project to the very best of our abilities. Our aim is to have our own purpose built centre and much thought and prayer continues to be active in achieving this. We need showers on site, an employment and training zone and much more to help as many people as possible in need. If you are able to help financially or donate much-needed items to keep us running, please contact us – or donate here.

“Without the help from the Garden House I don’t think I would be here now. I was actually contemplating ending my life. I do not have enough words to say thank you…’”
Paul (ex rough sleeper )

In Spring of 2024, we opened an outside unit containing shower and laundry facilities at the Garden House. This will bring both physical and mental benefits to its users.

Giving people affected by homelessness with the means to wash themselves and clean their clothes will be hugely beneficial to their physical health. Many ailments associated with the service users of the Garden House are because of poor cleanliness. It is not uncommon for people to have cuts and wounds that, without the ability to remain clean and dry, will become infected and lead to more serious issues requiring hospital and more intense health interventions. The combination of the Garden House facility and our Health Outreach Bus providing onsite wound management and showers means people have a strong chance of being able to avoid infections.

Equally as important, is the positive impact shower and washing facilities will have on people’s mental wellbeing. Our engagement with people affected by homelessness corresponds with national research on the barriers to health services; people experiencing homelessness feel embarrassed about accessing services as they are stared at in the waiting rooms and are self-conscious that they smell or look dishevelled.

Outdoor shower and laundry facility

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