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Children in Emergency Accommodation

Over the Christmas period of 2020, we worked with loads of supporters and partners to ensure that every child in temporary accommodation got a Christmas present. Did you know there are 100’s of children and young people who do not have a permanent home? Such a challenging situation for families all round.

Now, jump forward to 2023 and we are on the edge of seeing a city-wide approach to ensure that every school in Peterborough is able to help these children, young people and families with any additional support needed. This is one of different projects we are working on quietly in the background to challenge and change the system for better. It has taken perseverance and time from our teams, building important relationships, and providing evidence of need but we cannot imagine what it is like to lose a family home, have schooling unsettled and have the uncertainty of where you will be sleeping the next night.

More updates to come on this, but a great piece of work to ensure everyone is given the best chance to succeed in our city.

A man in front of a mini bus which is full of wrapped Christmas presents