Who Does The Garden House and The Peterborough Winter Night Shelter Help?

For those eagle eyed visitors among you, you will have seen that we have some fantastic videos on our website. These videos share the stories of just three of the many guests that have been helped through The Peterborough Winter Night Shelter and The Garden House.

We have the video of Kevin. Kevin stayed was a rough sleeper and joined us through The Peterborough Winter Night Shelter and later engaged with The Garden House. Kevin tells us what he has been through, where he is now and how he couldn’t have done it without the help, love, support and kindness of volunteers within Light Project Peterborough. Kevin is now living in permanent accommodation and is in full-time employment at a well known and well respected business in Peterborough.

There is also a video from Paul. In this video we learn that Paul came across Light Project Peterborough through The Garden House and has now gone on to become a loved and trusted volunteer for The Garden House and Light Project Peterborough. Paul tells us how he felt when he came through the doors of The Garden House and how much help he gained from the volunteers. He goes on to talk about the various ways in which the volunteers help the rough sleepers in Peterborough move forward with their lives.

Our third video is from James. James had a falling out with his family and left home. He was sleeping in underpasses to keep dry and going to charity shops and asking for spare clothes to keep warm. On occasions James was searching bins for food because he was so hungry. He went to The Garden House and was then given a bed with The  Peterborough Winter Night Shelter. In this video James talks about the fact that with the support from the volunteers he was able to complete his SIA Door Security licence, which was always a dream of his. This is a huge achievement for him and not something he felt was possible, when he was living on the streets.

Please watch these videos and listen to our guests’ incredible stories. However remember, we can only do this with your help. If you can volunteer with us, raise essential funds for us or donate your money towards helping these people then please do so.