Light Project Peterborough
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Accommodation Support

Since 2015, Light Project Peterborough have been active in running and soucing accommodation. We run a variety of projects, some of which are noted below.

Excitingly, we have been working with local churches and have secured planning permission for independent units for emergency accommodation across the city.

At the beginning of the pandemic, lots of people were given more permanent homes. This is great news, turning a positive from a negative. The challenge in this is that for many who have slept out for so long it is difficult to cope with the day to day pressures of running a home. Have I got a cooker or a fridge? Is the gas and electric set up? When does my next rent bill need to be paid? For some it is even strange to sleep on a bed after being out in a tent or a sleeping bags under the stars. We really wanted to help people turn their accommodation into homes and raise hopes and aspirations for a long term future.

Therefore, in September 2020 we worked with some of our partners Cross Keys Homes, the Longhurst Group and Peterborough City Council to launch the Peterborough Multi Agency Floating Support Team. This team was made up of 8 great professionals from these different organisations under the leadership of Light Project Peterborough. Over a hundred people at a time are receiving support in the community to maintain their accommodation, access health services, and become more independent.

Many of the folks who have come from the streets leave a community of friends and find themselves lonely and displaced in a single room or flat. Light Project Peterborough therefore also offers Telephone Support to chat, listen and offer kind words of encouragement and support.

During the first year of the pandemic, Light Project Peterborough were a leading partner in running the ‘Everyone in’ initiative. The government decided everyone on the streets should be offered some form of accommodation and the charity was honoured to be asked and able to respond quickly to support this work. From March through to July 2020, over 150 people were taken off the streets. At the height of the work we were supporting 3 hotels with staff and amazing volunteers for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A real crisis response within days to take and support everyone safely off the streets.

This work still continues into 2021 and over a year later one hotel is still being supported by our amazing team members. Our ability to encourage others in the community to work together has shown to be in full force during this work, with one example is that all our guests have and are receiving 3 meals per day to help them get back on their feet.

“Over 100,000 meals mobilised during the pandemic!”

The Peterborough Winter Night Shelter began in May 2015. From then the project has become a more permanent fixture, and in 2019/20 operated for the 5th year running in partnership with 15 church communities. Across 2019/20 the Winter Night Shelter started in Nov 2019 and ended on the 26th March due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. During this time hundreds of volunteers donated 7581 hours of their time, 867 beds were freely given and 49 of the 57 people helped off the streets moved on into a further accommodation. The night shelter has not been able to open since the pandemic but there continues to be work with churches and partners to ensure there is enough and varied accommodation to support different needs.

“The winter night shelter helped me find peace within myself”
Janeen (night shelter guest)