Peterborough Winter Night Shelter Volunteers Wanted

As the summer starts to draw to a close and the kids go back to school again, there is one important task on the minds of the Light Project Peterborough team. We need to start getting Peterborough Winter Night Shelter volunteers together to help us run the project smoothly through the months of November until April.

This year we are running the Peterborough Winter Night Shelter for 20 weeks. It is starting from 25th November 2019 and running right through until 13th April 2020. 14 different churches are involved in the winter night shelter this year and as always, we need help from volunteers to ensure the project runs smoothly and we can help as many guests as possible.

So What Do We Need Peterborough Winter Night Shelter volunteers for?

Most importantly we need volunteers on the shifts and these are as follows;

The Welcome Shift

This is the shortest of the shifts and has just 2 volunteers. These volunteers welcome the guests off the street and give them a hot beverage and a smile. It is the meeting point for the project and the first impression of the Peterborough Winter Night Shelter that many guests will have. It is from this venue that the guests are taken to the church for the night.  

The Evening Shift

Volunteers on the evening shift make the beds for our guests and prepare the evening meal. The evening meal is enjoyed by the guests and the volunteers as everyone sits around the table together. There will often be 2 volunteers preparing the meal, while the other set the beds and chat with the guests, or play games.

The Night Shift

When volunteers arrive for the night shift the guests will often be in bed. The night shift volunteers are there in case guests need them during the night. This shift can work in different ways. Often the shift will be split so 2 volunteers are awake and 2 are asleep during the night, and then they swap so everyone gets some sleep.

The Morning Shift

This is one of the busiest shifts within Peterborough Winter Night Shelter volunteers. These volunteers will prepare the breakfast for the guests, wake the guests and pack the beds up with the guests so the venue is ready for the church to use during the day. If the church is being used by Peterborough Winter Night Shelter for the week then beds may not need to be packed away.

Without the help of amazing volunteers the success of Peterborough Winter Night Shelter would not be possible. If you could volunteer and help us on any shifts then please click here to request an application form. Training is provided and you will be able to choose shifts and days you can and can’t help with.