New Garden House Consultation Presentation

Light Project Peterborough (LPP) aims to put the Christian faith into action through its work with the homeless and vulnerable in the City. Working with local partners, its projects include co-ordinating the Peterborough Winter Night Shelter and running the ‘Garden House’ – the access hub for rough sleepers for the ‘Safer Off the Streets’ partnership.

The ‘Garden House’ project opened in October 2018 on a short-term lease. More than one new person sleeping on the streets comes through its doors each day for information, advice, personal and practical support from its staff, volunteers, and partners (including, amongst others: counselling, employment, hairdressing, health, and housing specialists). Encouraging and valuing guests, identifying and addressing their needs and enabling them to look to the future, is at the heart of the work.

LPP is seeking to secure planning permission, local/national funding and partner support to develop a ‘New Garden House’ on a new site, which it is hoped could be built and open within the next two years.

The Consultation has now Ended

The aim of the ‘New Garden House’ consultation has been: ‘To enable all those with an interest in supporting rough sleepers in Peterborough to comment on how they feel the ‘New Garden House’ could best build on work undertaken to date and, by developing services in partnership, make a significant difference to individuals’ lives and prospects’.

How is the consultation been undertaken?

The LPP consultation is an integral part of the extensive work necessary to secure the success of the ‘New Garden House’ project. It has been led on a pro-bono basis by an experienced local consultant. The consultation has been undertaken between May and July 2020 with inputs from: guests, LPP staff & volunteers, key delivery partners and policy makers, LPP supporters and all others concerned with contributing to this vital work.

Join the Webinar to find out what we have learned?

On Thursday 16th July we are presenting the results of the consultation and we would love for you to join us. These are exciting times and we have had in total 392 respondents, so lots of really good support and information to help shape our future.

To join please follow the link below and get registered as soon as you can.

Thank you