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Light Project Peterborough 10 Year Celebration

On the 8th June 2019 hundreds of people gathered together to thank God for 10 years of Light Project Peterborough. Peterborough Cathedral were amazing hosts and all were able to hear stories of the amazing projects and from people who have been helped. The past 10 years has truly been an amazing blessing to all.

The work of the Garden House for rough sleepers, the Peterborough Winter Night Shelter, Across Peterborough and City Centre Chaplaincy were all seen through video, personal testimony and visual displays. One of the most touching parts of the evening was when people who were helped shared their stories of change and how Light Project Peterborough had really influenced their lives. We heard from people without hope that had been given hope again and from those without sense of community that had found good friends. Founding members of the work who have now moved on inspired guests with stories of how God had shaped their visions and the current team gave ideas for the future for all to pray and reflect upon.

One of our key partners Peterborough City Council were able to share how our work in the city is changing lives and thank all those in attendance for the hundreds and hundreds of volunteering hours that are given. We were able to see some amazing artwork from rough sleepers who have been given a new ‘voice’ through the support of Light Project Peterborough. Beds were laid out to show the Peterborough Winter Night Shelter and announcements were made of this coming winter projects: there is planed to work with 14 church venues in 2019/20 to open their doors for 20 weeks of the winter season. Guests could sign up to Across Peterborough and find out more information about good work other Christians are doing in the city and our amazing volunteering City Centre Chaplains welcomed all from far and wide with big smiles and hugs making a real welcoming evening. We finished with a real spread of different foods to eat together, to talk and make new friends and the evening finished with people having to be ushered out as the Cathedrals doors were about to be locked for the night!

There is much more to do and many more people to ‘Reveal Jesus’ to, and in practical and active ways Light Project Peterborough will continue to do so. If you would like to join us on our journey or support us in anyway please do send us a message through the ‘contact’ button or sign up to our newsletter through the website. Please keep us in your prayers as we move forward into the next 10 years, as with God at the centre of our work who knows how much more could be done!

A very big thank you to all our supporters and volunteers who make Light Project Peterborough what it is.

Steven Pettican
Light Project Peterborough