How Can I Help The Homeless In Peterborough?

As you walk through the city of Peterborough and surrounding areas you may see many people sitting in shop doorways, through the under paths around the city centre or in the surrounding green spaces. While you feel you want to do something to help them…you may be unsure of what is the best thing you can do to help.

We have put together the top ways that you can really help the homeless in Peterborough, so it will help move their lives forward for the better;

Inform the Professionals

If you see a homeless person in Peterborough you could call the Council on 01733 747474 or let them know through the website here. You will need to tell them where you have seen the homeless person and a little bit about them so the council can make contact with this person and help them move forward.

Alternatively you can direct them to our very own The Garden House project in the cathedral precincts for the support and advice that the homeless person will need.

Donate Time

Instead of giving money to the homeless in Peterborough, we recommend that you give your time. The homeless person you meet may be going through challenges and the money you give them may not be spent in the right way, or on the right things.

By giving your time to listen to the person, you are making them feel like a valued person in the community once more. Alternatively you can donate your time to The Garden House or the Winter Night Shelter which are two projects under Light Project Peterborough that really help the homeless of Peterborough.

Donate Money, In the Right Way

If you really want to donate money, but want to ensure that it is spent in the right way, on the right things, then you can donate money to Safer on the Streets. This is a project that brings all the local charities and organisations that help the homeless in Peterborough together and the money donated is split between all members. You can donate via your bank card as you walk through the covered area next to the Argo Lounge to the back of the town hall.

You can also donate money directly to the Winter Night Shelter and The Garden House by clicking here.

Give Small Things

We are always in need of things like tea, coffee, sugar and similar items for our guests at The Garden House. The Winter Night Shelter then needs things like underwear, hotel toiletries, socks and bedding for our homeless in Peterborough.

Please contact us directly if you would like to collect these items for us and we can give you a list of all the essential items that we would gratefully receive.