Homelessness Is Rising

Reports show that the scale of homelessness in the UK was 13% higher in 2017, when compared to 2012. In fact there was an increase in homelessness every year from 2012 to 2017 and this rise doesn’t look to stop any time soon.

Figures reported by The Guardian show estimates of 170,800 households are experienced the most extreme forms of homelessness. This has risen from 151,600 in 2012.

These reports also show that the number of homeless people in the UK under the age of 25 years old has reached 38,000 while a further 4,200 are over the age of 65 years old.

Upsettingly official statistics were revealed in 2017 that almost 600 homeless people died in England and Wales, this is a rise of 24% over 5 years. Sadly Peterborough had a number of homeless people in Peterborough over the last year, only some of which were reported in the local media.

Figures estimate that on average homeless people are dying at the age of 44 years old. This is almost half the life expectancy of people in stable housing and is due to high rates of suicide, drug poisoning and alcohol-related issues.

While there may be many different reasons that people become homeless, the end result is the same. We have multiple homeless people in Peterborough that desperately need our help, love and support to give them faith in the community, to feel like valued citizens once more, and to help them move forwards with their lives.

So how can you help?

Please take a look at our blog post called “How Can I Help The Homeless In Peterborough” for real ideas and things that you can do right now.

Make the homeless people in Peterborough feel valued by smiling at them as you pass them. Don’t turn your head, ignore them or look down on them. If you have time, stop and say Hello and then, like our last blog recommends; inform the professionals, donate time or donate money in the right way.

We look forward to your support in helping us tackle the issue of homelessness in Peterborough.