Celebration Service: 10 Years Of Light Project Peterborough

We would like to invite you to come and join us in celebration of the Light Project Peterborough which is in its 10th year. The Celebration Service is to take place at Peterborough Cathedral on Saturday 8th June from 7.30pm. You would be very welcome to come and celebrate with us.

During the service we will be talking about the creation and success of The Garden House. We will explain how The Garden House came about, why it was needed, the success of The Garden House and plans for The Garden House going forward.

You will also hear from someone that works at The Garden House, what they do in their role, why they chose to get involved in this part of the project and how you can get involved too.

A volunteer from Peterborough Winter Night Shelter will talk about this part of the project. You will hear the results and successes of the project this year and how many homeless people we helped re-home in the area. Some of these guests will also be attending the Celebration Service, so if you have volunteered with Peterborough Winter Night Shelter there may be some familiar faces.

The City Centre Chaplaincy is where Light Project Peterborough began ten years ago so of course we want you to hear about that too. A City Centre Chaplaincy volunteer will be talking about what this part of the project aims to achieve and how they have been achieving this and other goals over the last 10 years.

There will also be a chance to hear about Across Peterborough. This is the largest forum of Christian projects, news and updates in Peterborough. Across Peterborough is now being looked after by Light Project Peterborough and can only work with your input.

Alongside these engaging presentations there will be hymns and prayers to celebrate the great work that Light Project Peterborough and all its volunteers have achieved. This celebration service will be followed by a ‘Bring and Share’ of food by attendees.

We hope to see you there.