Across Peterborough New Site Launch

We are pleased to announce that a brand new Across Peterborough website has now been been launched. This website offers a much needed upgrade to the old website, making it easier for everyone to use and see what is going on in the Christian community of Peterborough.

Across Peterborough is a website that empowers churches in Peterborough and surrounding areas to share its good news and activities. Across Peterborough works as a tool to reduce isolation as it encourages and enables people to connect with local community activities. Across Peterborough is used to get people involved in volunteering too and it gives local groups a place to send out important information and so much more.

Across Peterborough is the only website that offers this service to the Peterborough community.

We currently have over 400 people subscribed to Across Peterborough as they want to find out what is going on in the local area and how they can get involved. We expect this figure of 400 subscribers will increase rapidly as the new website is launched.

The website primarily services the Christian community; however it does not exclusively serve Christians. A Facebook page supports the new website, and has been relaunched also. This will give people an extra place where information is pulled together and shared, as well as information on projects and events.

If you have stories, events of projects that you would like to share through Across Peterborough website and Facebook page then please email with all the details. If you would like to sign up to the Across Peterborough newsletter then please visit the website.

When you are running a project and need volunteers, it can be tricky to know where to find them. The project and volunteering opportunity needs to make people feel like it is for a good cause and they are needed. You need to convey the basics of the project, why you are doing it, who it is helping and how they can get involved, as well as why they should.

Once you have got that sorted, we can help promote the project for you and attract the right volunteers for your project via Across Peterborough.