One of Light Project Peterborough's core aims is not to reinvent the wheel! 

In all things that we undertake, we first seek to hear from God about the direction He is leading us through prayer and reflection.

We then check to see if there is an organisation already carrying out this activity that we can offer to serve alongside or partner with in order to best serve the people of Peterborough.

If there is an obvious gap in the area that God has laid on our hearts, we then seek to pioneer the idea, gathering support from other Churches and the local community and providing a framework for them to get involved.

We are not looking to collect projects as badges of honour, rather we want to pioneer new projects that will grow, develop and bring glory to God's Kingdom.  Once the project is sustainable we hope to release it, enabling it to take on a life of its own with new leaders and governance allowing Light Project Peterborough to repsond to God's next call on our lives.